Introduction 🤩

Heyyy, I feel like this is going to be an unstoppable insta post in blog format. It will most likely be for my benefit, but all those who want to follow along, please join me! First of all, introduction! Hi, I’m Aubree! I’m eighteen & totally was terrified to BE 18, but now that I’m here it doesn’t seem so bad. 😉


A few quick quirky facts about me!

I naturally stick my pinky finger out when I drink anything. I have a bad habit of chewing my nails, ALL THE TIME. I love to binge watch Greys anatomy. I LOVE puppies but I would never own one. I’m a website designer & have been since I was 13. I’m SUPER SUPER passionate about self improvement, I read & listen to that genre like a madwoman. I am confident I am 70% orange juice, rather than water. And I most definitely cannot walk on the lines on sidewalks. 


Im super super excited to start being consistent in my blogging experience. I hope to post... 

  • Photography sessions.
  • Website Design progress with my clients. 
  • Shout outs to models I love working with.
  • Ah-ha’s in my reading/learning/improvement in the study of myself & others. 
  • My journey with traveling.
  • Tips + Tricks with my every day growing experiences. 
  • Joy + heartache.
  • Special recommendations + suggestions - photography/equipment/editing/photographers/places/friends/business/self-love/books/music etc. 
  • + more.  


My editing processes are what INSPIRE me. I loooove presents as a base, they’re so great. I love creating a different type of photo feel though. Emotions are where it’s at. 



Special ah-ha today- “DONT BE NORMAL.” Photogs:  Keep your editing style different and unique & help your followers/clients use their minds to think about the message behind your work.  

Clients  /Followers: Be unique in what YOU do. Your personality, your work, around your friends. Stick out! Create meaning in your life. :) 


Love all of you, thank you for following this incredible journey with me. 


🤩🤩🤩  Aubree Della