Taya + Gage DREAMY Wedding

I can’t believe I am JUST posting about this wedding. This is by far, one of my favorites. Dreamy venue and even dreamier couple. We got along so good, honestly kept screaming we found each other and I’m so obsessed with my brides and my grooms!! They are so darling!! We had so much fun climbing up on couches and standing on chairs on top of the couches for these dress shots, haha!! When Taya told Gage how much she loved him because of how much he loved her, he choked back some emotions, as did I. Truly just meant to be. Taya’s mom took one look in the mirror at Taya and just lost it, so did Taya, so did her sister, so did I. We were all a mess at her bridal session just a few weeks before. If you’re an emotional bride, I already love you and will 100% be crying with you. I want to relive this day all over again! Every part, so emotional and so fun. Enjoy some of my favorites!