See Someone Today.

What's the most meaningful gift you could give someone?

In my opinion...


A clearer picture of themselves. Everyone's perception is so different, especially about themselves.

So I would choose to help them see their self, not only the way that I see them... but the way their creator sees them, people that look up to them the most, the people that dream and love on them without their knowledge. Being seen through the eyes of those that know your worth, value and significance is a gift that only every single person dreams of. (Amirite?)

I dream of it. I wish to be seen. I wish to be seen for being creative. For having opinions. For dressing the way I dress. For doing the things I do. It doesn’t motivate me… but it does motivate a lot of people. I wish to be seen…and not romantically, but by the world. Isn’t that weird? We long for acceptance.. but by everyone? If you were accepted or seen by one or two people would you be satisfied? Would you be completely okay to surrender and live your life with NO more guilty looks around a room to see if anyone sees you? I mean you might be okay, and even completely okay. I am, sometimes. Because duh, confidence. But not everyone has confidence. Not everyone is willing to voice themselves, be opinionated and say I"‘LL BE OKAY IF SHE/HE DOESN’T LIKE ME” And like you, as in a human being. Do you feel like you’re liked? Would you be okay if you were never liked? What would happen if someone didn’t like you? Could you handle that?

Yes, we should spread love. Yes, we should spread acceptance. But we should also spread boldness and bravery to withstand hate, and withstand rejection. And not only withstand it, but use it to our advantage. Bad vibes can be turned into good vibes by the receiver. We can take hate and give them love. We can take rejection and give them acceptance. We can fight for our worth. We can fight for our value and significance as a person. If someone doesn’t like you, or even extends an act of hatred towards you, can you accept it lovingly? Can you let it burn you brighter rather than extinguish you? Can you take bad and turn it into good?

Take that. Love hate. Love rejection. Love fear. Because it turns into the brightest flames, if you let it.

And show up, today. Fight for your fire and your flame, but also fight for someone else. Give someone the gift of being seen. Every dang time YOU want to be negative, reject someone, burn or extinguish someone else’s flame… stop. And see them, as you would want to be seen. So…

See someone, because they are worth being seen.

Tell someone they're worth it! Because they are!

And choose to see someone today and tell them they are valued, loved and seen. They deserve it, you deserve it and the world deserves it.