Do you feel like porcelain?

Sometimes I feel like porcelain.

Porcelain is fragile. Porcelain needs to be handled with care. Porcelain is sharp when broken. When too much pressure, it shatters. Do you feel like porcelain too?

We are so caught up in emotions.

We are so caught up in emotions.

We are all porcelain. How fast are you to accept that?

A question I’ve been pondering lately… do I accept or fight? Am I in denial? we all hear that “life is going so quickly” or “life will pass you by if you’re not watching” But are we really understanding how fast it is? Of course not. Nobody ever knows how fast life goes.. until it goes. We are reminded when loved ones past, just how short it is. Or near death experiences we are reminded that it can be taken away so quickly.

Life is emotional

Life is emotional

Well, are you ready?

And not ready to stop being sad or anxious... But are you ready to go with it? Are you ready to experience sadness? Are you ready to feel rage and anger? Or insignificance? Emotions are GOOD. Being human is GOOD. And well, I sometimes forget life doesn’t pause. Life doesn’t wait till you feel better. (Course netflix helps sometimes.) but it just goes and goes. So emotions, yes, you’ll feel them. But pause and FEEL them. They’re beautiful, even the ugly ones.

Emotions that make you feel like porcelain or your emotions are going too fast to keep up with. It is okay to let life push you, but push back. Be porcelain. Because it is lit on fire to be made into something beautiful.

Images shown below are taken with emotion. Taken with creativity. Passionately and fiercely captured to show that when life hits you, take it. But take it life a champ. And just feel.

I am porcelain. But I am also the fiery KICK BUTT GIRL DOWN DEEP.

Model: Bethany Sorenson

Photographer: Aubree Della Photography

Studio: Light Loft Studio, Layton Utah.