Claire + Jordan


I always get asked either right before someone books their session with me or after, “So I have no idea where I want my pictures at, I just want something unique and pretty!” Location is HUGE when it comes to your photo session. Whatever session it may be, portrait or bridal, you want something that pops! That makes someone go “WOW!” Well that is what the salt flats are to me. Yes, everyone and their dog shoots there. (heheh, true.) but it is A WOW location, and you can almost always go where no one else is cause it is massive out there in the middle of nowhere (seriously, almost two hours from SLC. hahah) It is BEAUTIFUL. And oh so worth the drive.

There is ALWAYS beautiful lighting here too. Crazy harsh sunlight, golden hour, soft lit, blue hour and finally some dark/flash ones. SO WORTH the crazy light differences in just an hour and a half. INsANE- go check this formal session out!!