Personal Photographer Note

Hi there! I’m Aubree! I’m the photographer running this awesome site, business and fun experience for you! I just wanted to make a note that is super personal to me, not as a photographer, but as Aubree. ♥️ As the human as I am, just a little note to say thank you.

I turned 13 years old and dreamed of being this wonderful traveling photographer, chasing her dreams, overcoming fears and feeling good in my own skin woman that I am today. I didn’t know it would happen and I’d be living it just 6 years later. We hear this story often, from successful people. We see where they were, and where they are now, and just sit in awe. I can tell you, the in between, the middle, the ick, that is the best part. I didn’t see the gift in all of it in the moment, but now I do. My goal and every day mission is TO FIND THE GIFT IN THE SCARY. The uncomfortable , the humiliating, the gross, the failure. There is a gift in everything. Do you see it?

All in all, I just wanted to express my sincere love and gratitude to all of you. Thank you for reading this. Whether, you’re a supporter, client, family, friend or randomly happened upon this. I’m glad you’re here and apart of my story, someway. Thank you for your support, your love, your faith in me.

I am now 19 years old, living the life I want. Living the life I create for myself. Happening to life, instead of life happening to me. I am crazy invested in my education, my photography, traveling, self-help, personal development , mindset goals and becoming the better version of yourself every day.

I want to help others get here. Please reach out. Please share your stories. Please ask for help. Please create the life you deserve. Cause you deserve the world. ♥️


I am so grateful!!

Thank you for your support.