Logo Love

HEY GUYS. Re-posting this from my old website.  I am a writer and a very obsessed one at that. I want to start sharing my thoughts and ideas! Before I make this blog post into a word vomit, let me START BY SAYING HELLO, AND THANK YOU FOR READING! I just got a new logo/watermark designed! I describe below what each part means to me, so that you can better understand who I am as a person, creative artist & photographer. Feel free to scroll and see my beautiful project! Eek!





I wanted to refer everyone to a place where they can read and learn more about ME and who I am in my logo AND to answer questions. Why did you a put a hidden waterfall into your photography logo? Why the Eiffel tower? I didn't know you designed websites, tell me more? So, here's the spill!


WATERFALL: The waterfall in my new logo represents Iceland. Why Iceland? Iceland has been a DREAM of mine (and most photographers) because of the GORGEOUS lighting, landscape, adventure, challenge and STORIES yet to be told. As photographers, we ache to tell stories with a click of a button. We yearn to be where adventure is and most of us have a fire inside us fueled by wanderlust. Iceland has been my dream for years now. I've spent countless hours researching the ring road of Iceland, the crazy weather, northern lights, waterfalls and secret hot pools. The ancient history, governmental structure, museums, temperatures, language, Pinterest pictures, reading blogs, studying MY HEART out about this little land of fire and ice that has captured my heart and is such a core foundation of who I am now as a person and where my business started with passion and fire and creativity. Iceland DESERVES to be respresented in my logo. 

EIFFEL TOWER: The same goes for Paris, France. The idea and love I have for traveling is deep in my core of who I am, it is ME. Paris is a stereotypical adventure place, but it is the city of love and has sure made me grown to love it. The feeling I get when I am behind my camera shooting is the same feeling I DREAM, hope and IMAGINE when I am standing in front of the eiffel tower, looking way way way up and tears streaming down my face knowing that I have made a dream of mine come true. Photography is about the moments I feel empowered, whether it be in front of the Eiffel tower or behind my camera or waking up at 1am to hike a mountain to see the northern lights in Iceland. 

CODING: The coding on the left of the logo represents my website designing aspect of my business. I LOVE working with my clients to achieve their business goals and dreams, creating their websites help me do just that! Go check out my "SERVICES" page to see some of the websites I've done! 


WHITE BOKEH: The white bokeh has always been a favorite of mine. White is the color of purity. The white bokeh represents newness, fresh, beginnings and a SMALL PART OF THAT is the Wedding Industry! Wedding Photography is something I am LOVING EVERY BIT OF! Capturing the first day of a new chapter of two people's lives & their families. Capturing love is a beautiful calling and I would be so so honored to captures yours for you. 


PHOTOGRAPHY is my passion, love, joy and freedom. Photography is a creative outlet and such a joy and I am so thankful I have the opportunity to do what brings me so much joy. <3 


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new exciting adventures!