I’m Aubree! Super excited to shoot with you and your team!

I’m Aubree! Super excited to shoot with you and your team!

Hi there! So excited to shoot you and your team! I applaud you here and now for being a business owner and taking these steps to getting professional photos done! I hope you see this as a step towards making your business even better. In my business photo sessions I love to ask you to bring out who you are and what you’re representing as a business. Tell me your why. Tell me what your mission is. What you’re capable of accomplishing. This session is meant to empower you and your business partners/employees. We have a blast talking about goals and opportunities for the future of your business. I hope it is your why that pushes you along in your journey. I want to capture the heart of your business and who you are. I want to capture the authentic you. The journey of your adventures. Let’s make this photo session a DREAM COME TRUE.

A little bit of background of how my business head shot sessions go are easy, relaxing and fun! My goal and intention is to help those who see your photos know your why, your love and feel your spirit. I encourage you to do poses that are not the “idealistic head shot poses” (Although we do capture a posed photo for you!) and that reflect who you are. I invite you and your team members to choose an intention and consciously make it known in your countenance. I am overjoyed to help create authentic moments to capture the light and radiance you have. You are brilliant. You are wonderful. Let’s capture that and more.

Get ready with the intentions of light, love and joy. Encourage your business members to relax and remember their WHY. I encourage YOU to take a moment to establish your intentions for this shoot and really imagine it coming alive in the photos. We are striving to have your real light shine and have others feel embraced by who you are. Love and dream on! Can’t wait to see your images we capture be brought to life!

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Aren’t you so excited?!?!

i am in service to you… please let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait!