Congratulations! You found your love.

<<<——HEY. THATS ME. I love what I do. I love to capture love in all the raw, sexy, giggly moods it has. I can be the weirdest, you’ll just have to roll with me! XD

Here is a little bit of how the photo sessions will go…

This session is all about YOU. I want your photos to reflect you and your S.O. I want you to look at your photos and tease your partner about their scrunched nose when they laugh or how they were snorting when I told them to recite the vowels in a pirate voice. YES, you read that right. Pirates voice. I want the funny, the giggly, the happy you. We will tell dumb jokes and I’ll climb trees to capture the most perfect images for you.

I’ll have moments where I ask you to pretend like I am not there… I’ll have you discuss the future with your one and only. I want real. I want raw. I want all the vulnerability you can give me. I want to capture so many emotions during this session, It might feel like a roller coaster after! But it will be calm and peaceful and trust me, you’ll have a blast!

I focus on capturing emotions in my sessions. Not just there i the moment, but to capture and hold it in your hands to remember the feelings you had. I want you to be able to hang your photos on your wall and simply SHINE every time you see it. Love is meant to be continually enjoyed. And how beautiful it is to have photos of the one you love and yourself?

I give you prompts and scenarios as a couple to have fun with, and enjoy! I capture the candid moments, your quirks together and a few posed. ;)

I am so excited for this! Definitely get ready for the FULL experience for your session!
Plan on some hot cocoa, good times and memories made. I want this to be the perfect session for you and your partner to really look into your future and RECOGNIZE the path you’re embarking on. It’s a fun one, I promise. ;)


I am so excited you are capturing your love evolving over time. Growing. Becoming more and more connected. I am so excited! If you book your anniversary session, next year you will get a 10% discount for your next anniversary session! Lets keep creating the magic!!

Engagement session: YOURE GETTING MARRIED!

Engagements happened… Bridals happened.. now it’s wedding time!

To secure your date, your retainer fee of 30% of your wedding package and contract must be signed. Let’s do this!