Mentoring Packages

Hi there!! I am Aubree! 

So excited to work with you and teach you a little bit about what I know! 


I started photography when I was 14 and officially started my business when I was 16 years old. It has been a blast! I’m currently 3 years in and I LOVE what I do. Not only do I GET the business aspects of things (and I learned them so young!) I understand the value of learning these things quickly IF you’re serious. I invested in tons of mentors, tools, and took advantage of ways to grow quickly.

Mentoring you isn’t a way to gain anything for me. In fact, I have been hiding from the idea of mentoring others because it feels so out there. I don’t know MUCH. I do know that I am successful in my business. I am successful in what I do and I get asked questions ALL the time. So I would love to put us into a professional setting, where you feel like you can ASK and get answers! If you love the way I edit- let me show you what I got! How I learned! Struggling with capturing the REAL and raw moments within couples + portraits? I GOT YOU.

I currently focus on Weddings & Creative portraits/Models.

I can answer basic questions, my editing process, my workflow, how to go above and beyond and HOW TO GET BOOKED!!! 


I have a few different packages

Basic Mentoring Package. 1 HR. $200.

This can either be a meet up for a drink date, phone call, or FaceTime! 1 HOUR of just me and you!! This is YOU coming to me with a bunch of questions and I can answer them!! If I don't know the answer, I will straight up tell you- I don't know! But I will definitely help you figure out the answers if I can. I want to HELP you thrive!!! Let's set a date and come with a list of questions!


We will do a portrait session with you! You don't like to be in front of the camera?! DO IT ANYWAYS!! I will teach you basic tips + posing for YOUR clients while you ARE a client! This is a portrait session. Bring your camera. Let’s get photos for your website + social media with your camera! I will teach you BTS things to do during a regular session with your clients and teach you basic camera skills!

Extra Basic Mentoring PACKAGE. 2 HRS. $375.

1 hour of in person meet up and process/answer questions. I will show you what I do from the first inquiry to finishing up and delivering a session! THEN, you get to do it! We will do a session with a modeling couple or individual! (You decide!) We will shoot together + you get awesome BTS photos of YOU!


You get everything above! Meet up to answer questions + Session for portfolio + ME to design your website!! Inquire for more info and get my awesome "start that business" packet!!