Portrait/model session

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Hey! I am Aubree ——>>>> That’s me! I love to have fun, make jokes and make everyone giggle. Here’s what you’re REALLY in for when booking a portrait session with me.

I am overall a lifestyle photographer. I like to capture the in between moments, so don’t be weirded out if I am totally snapping your every move during our shoot. Those are usually my clients favorites. ;)

As a lifestyle photographer, I give you prompts and/or scenarios as a to re-enact in a FUN way to help your personality be genuinely expressed in your photos. That way, when you print your photos, share on instagram, or put in a book, you FEEL you. You can look at it and say “hey, that’s when I was at this period in my life and I was happy.” I want to capture your happiness. Your emotions. Your love. Your fear. Your vulnerability. I am a lifestyle photographer because I want to capture you as you are. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. Most of my sessions are super healing for my clients. I love to talk about life, we all are on our own journey and paths. I’d love to assist in capturing you in where you are at in yours.

Come prepared, in a good mood, and please come with an open heart and willing to do crazy things I ask of you. ;) Yes, i’m THAT photographer. We are going to have a bloody epic time. Can’t wait to capture you!!


If you need help with clothing, don’t hesitate to ask! I am currently working on my clothing + posing guides that will be ready in the Spring of 2019. Don’t wait to book your next photo session with me! I book as early as a year in advance. Let me know if you want jump on the phone and discuss your expectations for your session. I am here to serve you and get you the photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Aubree Della