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I believe in acceptance & speaking through your photos with your eyes. My hope and goal is to pull all of your goodness and love through your photos to reach your clients and portray who you are. 

As a business owner myself, I am all about helping you create images that reflect who you are and your brand. Your why, your beginning, your journey and your ultimate goals. I create images that reflect who you are as a person. Why your business came to be. And everything from your products & services.

I’m Aubree! The beaming one behind the lens! I will most likely tell you how beautiful or dashing you look a hundred times during your photo session. I am completely obsessed with my clients and how they upgrade and step into their power for these life-changing sessions. I believe in being yourself, but the highest version of you. Whatever and wherever your path is that you are on, let’s embrace that. Wherever your business is at, let’s love on that, but upgrade it in the process. My business lifestyle sessions are about the photos… and everything else. ;)


I’m Aubree!

Professional Photographer and Website Designer.


Why should you invest in photos?

  • Amazing Professional Sharp Photos.

  • Detailed Business Evaluation.

  • An Amazing Empowering Experience.

Professional, high end, sharp photos are necessary to attract any client, any person, any business.

As a professional photographer and website designer, I am all about the connection between branding and potential clients. Staying authentically true to who you are, but still representing yourself in a way that is professional and put together.

Your photo session is not just snapping some photos for your website. It is an experience. A high end session with all the ins and outs.

We not only focus on photos for your business and brand, but everything in between. Professionally showing up in your career.

My focus is you.

Your business.

Your goals.

I want to create a powerful relationship and connection to each one of you. Let’s upgrade the visualization of your business. After all, a photo speaks more than words ever could. Let’s tell your story. Your journey. Capture you thriving or jumpstarting where you are at.

Aubree did such a good job during our photo shoot. She is so fun and easy to work with. Aubree took the time to make sure the lighting and background were perfect to create beautiful pictures! She knows her craft well.
— Lisa B.
I work with you before your session to find out what kind of photos you want, personalized to you, your purpose and business. (We can venture away from head shots)

I work with you before your session to find out what kind of photos you want, personalized to you, your purpose and business. (We can venture away from head shots)


Step 1. Contact

Contact me! Let’s chat! Let me know you’re interested! We can set up a consultation (phone or person) and you can fill out my interest form right away!

You don’t have to use stock photos from the internet… let’s create your own.

You don’t have to use stock photos from the internet… let’s create your own.

Step 2. Discussion

  • Discover & Empower Your Brand.

  • Complimenting Your Style + Personality for Photos.

  • Personalized Questionnaire + Contract.

  • Discussing your expectations and goals for the session.

  • 45 minute phone call finalization call.

Once the interest form is filled out, I will send you a personalized email and/or deeper questionnaire (+ contract) to begin discussion of your props to bring & vendors to invest in before the session. This photo session is either the start or process of creating a successful representation & visualization for your business. This is an investment in your business.

We discover your brand to start location hunting for you and your business. We want to match colors, simplicity or intricacies, atmosphere, emotions, etc.

We discuss props to start hunting for to match you. Your personality. Your business and your targeted audience. We are very detailed and precise. This is the real deal.

We can hop on the phone after and finalize details of your to-do list for your session! This is an experience. We are creating your visuals for your business. We are creating and capturing YOU. I have a few guides available to help prepare you for your business session with me based upon your desires. Available after inquiry.


Step 3. Prepare.

  • Vendors available for prep. (If desired.)

  • Assignments to prepare for photo session.

I will most likely give you some assignments from our discussion. I’ll follow up with you to ensure these get completed. I’ll have you set up your appointments that you may want with other vendors before your photo session! (makeup & hair artists, wardrobe/fashion consultants, etc.) We will then set the date for your amazing business lifestyle session!

Step 4. MAgic Happens!

  • Creating magic with thought provoking questions, meaningful prompts to bring out the you.

  • Create photos that match your personality and brand.

  • Have an experience to boost your self esteem, love and devotion to your business.

  • Be at your level with who you are and your progress.

A few days before your session you’ll receive a lovely link to help prepare you for your session. You’ll be preparing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I want you to connect within. Challenge yourself. Prepare not only for a photo session, but a game changer for your business. These are photos that will BRAND who you are. Your facial expressions, your energy, your outfits, your light in your eyes, the way you see and view yourself and your business. It is all captured in the images we will be creating.


During your session we will not only focus on poses that are flattering to the eye, but to the heart. I create a space that allows you to BE. My center goal is the energy that flows through images. Where your heart is. Where your business is. Success flowing through your eyes and right into the heart and souls of your potential and future clients.

I am wherever you are at. Whether it be just starting your business, successfully and thriving in your career or somewhere in the middle! I am on your level. Let’s create some magic with your photos.

Step 5. Sneak peeks.

  • Sneak peeks posted 24 hours after your session.

  • Additional photos sent via email in a timely manner.

Sneak peeks are posted the day of your session on social media! You can view, like and share from there! A few days later you’ll receive 10+ photos for sneak peeks to get excited about, critique and talk about your session! We will be discussing the next steps to raising the success in your business.

Step 6. Image reveal.

  • Phone call to reveal via email.

I love to chat with you on the phone or if possible meet in person while I reveal your photos to you. They are all sent in an online gallery to you via email. After the reveal, all the chosen images are yours to use. Download, share, print to put in your office, all yours!

I am not limited to just head shots, but all in all what YOU desire. Soul photos. Connection.

I am not limited to just head shots, but all in all what YOU desire. Soul photos. Connection.

LEVEL 1: Basic Business Lifestyle Package.

1-2 hours.

Valued at $797

etailed business evaluation call 1 hour: Discuss business strategies and action steps to further represent your business. Teaching you how to brand with photos.

1 hour of shooting! Preferably head shots. But covering anything you want shot within an hour!

We will get into the branding and coloring of your business! What emotions you want to hold within and the energy you hold within your business. I help you create stock photos that are unique and representing YOU!

LEVEL 2: Higher Ground Business Lifestyle Package.

2-3 hours.

Valued at $1000

Details business evaluation call. 1 hour. Head shots + Props +
stock photos.

Let’s answer some questions…

What is your editing style?

My editing style is always changing and growing, becoming the best it can be. I lean towards warmer and brighter edits for business sessions. But really, I analyze and discover what your brand is, or help your create one. I edit based upon your colors of your website, logo, clothes, etc. Everything should center back to your color palette for your brand. I also focus on black and whites for emotional connection to the soul. I believe they touch you in different ways than a colored photo does.

I love outdoor business lifestyle sessions in the beautiful outdoors! I also am available to rent an indoor studio. (Locations differ.) I am also a big fan of traveling to your office/store or wherever you are to get the shots that you want. Travel fees may apply.

Indoor Session

I am all about you! All ‘bout that brand of yours! What will match your website? What is the theme of your Instagram? How often do you post on Facebook with photos that are consistent? Indoor photos, outdoor photos? A mountain top? An urban feel? The touch of a city? Gorgeous lakes? What do you represent and how can I make this be completely consistent with your theme and brand?


What does “Lifestyle” mean?

Lifestyle for me means capturing you being authentic. Being yourself. I, of course, will help pose you to be the most flattering version of you, get amazing angles and composition. But I focus on posing you, then giving you prompts to feel comfortable in front of the camera! Are you more reserved? Let’s capture that! Are you totally the life of the party wherever you go? Bingo! I want that on camera. I know how to pull you out of your shell, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera. I promise you will flourish in front of mine.

What if I don’t have a brand?

You might be thinking, what if I don’t have a color palette for my business? What if I just pick colors based on my mood that day? What if my social media is all over the place and no consistency? Stoooppp right there!! We can totally work on this. I am a website designer and I have tons of contacts and referrals I can send you to. I have an amazing logo designer, graphic designer, and so forth! This is no limitation!

Outdoor Session

Images that tell a story.

Images that tell a story.