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Megan & Joseph

Aubree took engagement pictures for me and my fiancé about a week ago and we are absolutely in love with the results! She’s so much fun to work with, very quick, and her work is absolutely dreamy. Definitely recommend!



Aubree is so much fun to work with, she makes you feel relaxed and yourself in front of the camera. I am absolutely thrilled how the pics turned out. The edits were amazing! She’s seriously so talented with what she does and she is the sweetest person ever!

Lisa Bailey

Aubree did such a good job during our photo shoot. She is so fun and easy to work with. Aubree took the time to make sure the lighting and background were perfect to create beautiful pictures! She knows her craft well.

Seth & Isabelle

She says she's not very experienced in doing weddings or engagement photos but her skills are impeccable. We saw her style on Instagram and loved it. We loved her methods and limiting the "posing" pictures and capturing the raw, unabashed emotions between the two of us. She was tons of fun and has very engaging themes and different scenarios. She didn't make it feel awkward at all! I'd highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Courtney Wronkowski

Aubree is amazing! She captured the love, happiness, and the emotion between me and my fiance and I will forever be grateful that she did! There is nothing like going to look at your pictures and seeing the true love just beaming through them. She was sooo patient, and funny and made it an overall great experience! My fiance LOVED it and dislikes pictures, thats how much we enjoyed it!! If you are looking for a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Aubree. She will make it fun, and you wont be disappointed!

Aubree is amazing. She did my engagements and just recently did my bridals. She did an incredible job at capturing the true emotion in our engagements, and she made me feel so comfortable in my bridals, I was laughing the whole time during both. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. 💙


Lisa Smith

I loved our session. My husband even got into it and we just tried to have fun. I will totally recomend aubree to anyone that wants amazing photos.


Jessica walters

I’ve had Aubree take my pictures multiple times and each time I’m thrilled with how professional she is as well as how perfectly she captures the mood and message I want to convey to people. Her method of making you feel comfortable is unique and beautiful and each time I’ve walked away feeling proud of who I am. Working with Aubree is more than just getting your pictures taken. It is an experience in showing, through pictures, the real you and feeling it during the photo shoot. I highly recommend having Aubree share this with you by booking a photo session

SAriah Wertman

Oh. my. gosh!!! I am absolutely in LOVE with these beautiful works of art! I never thought a photo of me could look this good! Multiple photos! Oh, goodness. This girl is truly gifted. I am definitely coming back for any more pictures I need of me, and am totally recommending Aubree's talents to everyone I possibly can! You can definitely feel a unique energy of light and love in her work. Thank you so much Aubree!


Tenise Wertman (mom)

These are the best pictures I've ever seen of my daughter! She saw them and said, "These are the first pictures where I actually thought I looked pretty. I couldn't believe it was me, but it looked like me, but I hadn't thought I was beautiful until I saw these." They are gorgeous and captured all the small different facets of her personality. Aubree did such an amazing job!

Sariah Wertman

Sariah Wertman


WEndy Kowallis

I love how Aubree helps you find exactly what type of feeling you are trying to portray in your photos. Having direction is great! I've never had that during a photo shoot before. I'm looking through my photos right now. Thank you so much Aubree Della Photography!

I am definitely not very good at "posing" for photos, but she did great at helping on that end! If you want head shots, book yours today! Seriously. Don't wait!


Kristen Hicks

I wanted to share with you this experience I had!!!! I had the most AMAZING, pivotal moment not only as a woman but as a Daughter of the One True King. Through the process of my photo shoot, you had an amazing way of making me feel BEAUTIFUL, FUN, and DEEPLY LOVED. I thought for sure these photos would just be a mixture of laughing and blinking of the eyes. However, when I opened up the link and SAW my OWN SOUL sitting there looking back at me, it was the FIRST TIME I saw myself through MY Heavenly Fathers eyes. It brought me to tears. For SO LONG I heard and thanked my husband, friends, and family for telling me how beautiful I am. But to BE ABLE TO SEE IT FOR MYSELF..... That changed my WORLD. It CHANGED ME. I know whenever I have a doubt, I can look back at these photos, and see myself the way Heavenly Father see's me. What a gift. Aubree, thank you for sharing your gifts time and talent with me. You've blessed me beyond words. 



Jamie Floyd

Aubree is adorable and very easy to work with. She makes you feel super comfortable! I loved the way the pictures turned out!