Hey, I'm Aubree Della!

Wedding Photographer, Website Designer, Travel Enthusiast & Creative.

These 3 things are what drive me.

Adventure symbolizes the unknown, refreshing excitement, growth/change, & crazy memories/experiences.

Creation is the ability to express yourself with what you deeply enjoy. Creating is a healthy outlet to be emotionally happy. 

Passion is what supplies our inner fight. We all know the war going on inside our heads, passion enables us to effectively win our battles day to day.




Our Programs



My wedding packages are PACKED & SOLID!! I seriously become your personal fangirl. I am in love with capturing love! In my wedding packages I offer bridals and engagements complimentary!! HOW GREAT IS THAT?! Everything you need to make your day perfection. Want a guestbook of your bridal pictures for your reception? I gotchu! Need prints of your favorite day to hang on your wall? IM YOUR GIRL! 

Business lifestyle

I THRIVE capturing people in their element. We focus on creating a space where you feel comfortable and are striving to capture something out of your comfort zone. It's the moments before the shot, you ask them who they want to be, where they want to live, what their passions are. As a photographer, my duty is to capture you being yourself, developing & capturing your brand and releasing to you photos that not only capture the eye, but the soul.


I am a HUGE fan of getting new models in front of my camera! Working with  beginner models allows me to offer suggestions & tips to help them further their passion! I am a conceptual photographer & I let that part of me influence my models & I get to mentor them into allowing their biggest fears, dreams, hopes, & vulnerabilities come out in their work. Your personality is what I capture. Your feelings. Your heart & core of who you are. 


I've been a website designer for 4+ years and am so excited to be able to launch my talents into the world and help others reach more people in a professional & effective way! I've worked with small business owners, photographers, authors, Holistic Owners, Homeschooling moms, event organizers & more! 

I can’t recommend Aubree enough. She was instrumental in me finding me. Somehow she pulled the true me out in my photos, when I couldn’t see it. I even told her when she showed me the pics, “uhh that’s not me”.
She has a true gift. After I got my photos from her, I started using them for different profile images and over time I stepped into the man her photos knew I already was!
— Joshua Parry

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